Pioneering Procedural Telemedicine

For remote industry support, clinical education, and remote proctoring, the Avail System was purposefully built to enable procedure collaboration.

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The Avail Network

Avail is building a network to seamlessly connect HCP’s to their peers and industry experts.

Portable Avail Consoles provide live access into procedures.

Easily coordinate access and availability within the Avail Network with the new Avail Portal.

User-friendly Remote App facilitates on-the-go collaboration with approved remote network members.


Remote App Accessible
Through an iPad or Computer

*Contact Avail for list of approved devices
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Split the screen to
view inputs side by side.

Want to see two things at the same time? Choose from multiple HD pan-tilt-zoom cameras and external imaging sources.

ipad image

The power to
freeze frames.

Is it easier to communicate something with a still image? Freeze the frames and annotate or discuss.

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Annotate in realtime
for all to see.

Need to communicate something to the treating physician? Annotate over live or paused video.

Explore Our Avail Console

Adjustable Arm

Customize physical camera placement based on the procedure.

HD pan-tilt-zoom cameras

30x zoom controllable by remote user.

32" High Definition Monitor

Real-time display controlled by remote user.


Shows approved remote users available to collaborate.

External Plug-ins

Display external medical imaging.

The Avail System and services are intended to passively display information for remote sharing and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Introducing the Avail Portal
to Further Simplify Collaboration

Remote Users

Schedule availability by hospital, ASC, or OBL and collaborate directly through the Portal.

Local Console Users

Control who you collaborate with.

See How We Can
Help You

Learn more about what the Avail Network can do for you.