Take Procedure Collaboration
Beyond the Room

Collaborate anytime, anywhere through the Avail Network, freeing up more time for you to focus on what matters.

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The Avail Network

See what's possible when physical presence is not required.

The Traditional Way
to Collaborate

High demand, but limited by cost, complexity and travel burden of in-person collaboration.

image of Procedure Collaboration

Procedure Collaboration

On-Demand collaboration between a local treating physician and health care professionals outside the treatment facility.

image of The Avail Network

The Avail Network

Instantly access collaboration partners through our HIPAA compliant proprietary network.

Image of network in action img remote img remote img remote img remote img remote Live Case Remote Proctoring On-Demand Support Field Training Clinical Education
image of Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Digitizes physical presence through real-time local and remote access solutions.

Remote Users
Control Avail

Choose from multiple camera and external input views, split the screens, freeze frames, annotate, and more.

The Future of
Procedure Collaboration

Tap into a comprehensive network of physicians and industry partners.

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