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All the Ways the Avail Network Can Work for You

Procedure Locations

  • Hospitals

  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers

  • Office-Based Labs

Procedure Types

  • Any Procedure

  • Vendor Neutral

  • Portable Solution

Collaboration Types

  • Remote Proctoring

  • Clinical Education

  • Industry Support

Remote Proctoring

  • Accelerate new technology adoption to differentiate your practice / program

  • Minimize physician travel and improve physician quality of life

  • Improve scheduling flexibility and minimize impact of case cancellations


Clinical Education

  • Enhance training and education for your staff

  • Accelerate new technology adoption to differentiate and promote your practice / program

  • Digitize medical education programs and expand the reach of your institution


Industry Support

  • On-demand access to real-time support from the industry partners you know and trust

  • Control procedure access to minimize crowding and infection risks

  • Improve procedure support flexibility and minimize scheduling burden


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Day in the Life of a Remote Proctor

November 2019 | Physician

Experienced physicians such as Dr. Gollapudi take time out of their practice and travel to other institutions to provide proctoring support for new technology introductions. Physically traveling increases time away from their own practice and is costly for device manufacturers – both of which are often prohibitive. Remote proctoring facilitated by Avail enabled Dr. Gollapudi to proctor three cases while remaining present and productive in his own practice.

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"It takes so much out of the equation as far as the burden of doing proctoring. I don’t know what you lose by not being there."

William J. Nicholson, MD

Interventional Cardiology


"The Avail remote application is incredibly easy to use and makes it feel like you are in the room. I was able to provide proctor support without losing multiple days with my patients in my own practice. On top of that, I was able to get my workout in and avoid other personal life schedule impacts."

Raghva Gollapudi, MD

Interventional Cardiology


"The Avail Remote App allows me to proctor more without leaving my practice. I also plan to have an Avail Console in my hospital so that I can quickly access industry support and provide clinical education without crowding our procedure rooms."

Dr. Douglas Ebersole, MD

Interventional Cardiology

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