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Day in the life of a physician proctor, utilizing the Avail System

November 25, 2019

In-Person Physician Proctoring

Experienced physicians such as Dr. Gollapudi take time out of their practice and travel to other institutions to provide proctoring support for new technology introductions. Physically traveling increases time away from their own practice and is costly for device manufacturers – both of which are often prohibitive.

Physician Proctoring Through the Avail System:

Experienced physicians such as Dr. Gollapudi provide proctor support for new technology introductions without physically leaving their practice. Avail's remote support solution digitizes physical presence, enabling proctors to remotely collaborate with treating physicians and their staff.

Through the Avail System remote application, proctors can access and view real-time streams from medical imaging equipment and two remotely controllable high definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras located in the operating / procedure room. They can position and zoom up to 20x* with both cameras to get close up views of the procedure. They can also freeze and annotate on any stream. Everything a remote proctor sees on their end shows up on an Avail Console monitor located physically in the operating / procedure room for the treating physician and his or her staff to see in real-time.

Day in the life of a physician proctor, utilizing the Avail System:

A proctor was scheduled to support multiple Watchman procedures at a single institution in another state, utilizing the Avail System. Due to a scheduling conflict that came up the week of the procedures, that proctor was suddenly no longer available. If the proctor was attending in-person, these procedures would have likely been cancelled, placing a significant burden on the treating physician’s staff to coordinate and reschedule. Thankfully, Dr. Gollapudi was able to learn how to use the Avail System after 15 minutes of training and was able to fill in remotely.

Had Dr. Gollapudi proctored in-person, he would have been away from practice for two full days (including travel), which would have prevented him from being able to fill in on such short notice. Utilizing remote capabilities of the Avail System, Dr. Gollapudi was able to provide proctor support for three procedures and still be present in his practice the two days he would have otherwise been absent. Both the day before and the day after proctoring, he was able to perform a full day of procedures for his patients. On the proctoring day itself, he was able to see 8 patients in clinic, be involved in two procedures in between remote proctoring sessions and complete his normal patient rounds in the hospital.

Dr. Gollapudi on utilizing the Avail System for proctoring, “The Avail remote application is incredibly easy to use and makes it feel like you are in the room. I was able to provide proctor support without losing multiple days with my patients in my own practice. On top of that, I was able to get my workout in and avoid other personal life schedule impacts."

In summary, Dr. Gollapudi was able to step in last minute and provide remote proctoring support, while avoiding two full days of lost productivity. He was also able to minimize his travel burden and the expenses associated with that travel.

* This feature has been enhanced to 30x zoom since the publishing of this case study