Media Integration Engineer

Avail Medsystems is a pioneering medical technology company that is reinventing how medical procedures are supported by industry and clinicians. We are committed to delivering HIPAA compliant real-time video conferencing solutions that improve the quality, and lower the cost, of procedural care delivery.

We are looking for a passionate Media Integration Engineer to help us realize the mission of improving medical outcomes all while reducing cost for hospitals; these are critical problems to solve as we move forward in the transformation of health care.

We are data driven and milestone oriented. We are looking for self-starters, and good team players. Join us in our journey in improving healthcare.



  • Integrate Avail’s media platform into various other components of Avail’s platform.
  • Work actively in creating and enhancing API’s for Avail’s media platform SDK.
  • Work actively in integrating 3rd party device SDK’s and media solutions into Avail’s media platform.
  • Work on creating next generation avail platform with best in class GPU and linux/android framework ..
  • Implement various Avail software components like Media Platform, REST APIs, Mobile apps, and Microservices.
  • Work closely with external imaging, cameras, eGPU, Frame Grabbers , Mic array of Avail Console.
  • Constantly look out for ways to improve video quality , audio quality , jitter average and to operate seamlessly with varying network conditions
  • Collaborate with Program managers , Engineering managers, Technical leads/Module owners of various software components and supported platforms – client as well as backend. Interact with hardware team as needed on Avail Console side
  • Integrate 3rdparty applications with Avail software to ensure tight API level integrations, and necessary validations.
  • Ability to adopt and learn different programming languages and platforms as necessary.
  • Collaborate with product owners, software architects, software developers and DevOps on best practices, process changes and standards as part of continuous process improvement
  • Coordinate with the scrum team and development counterparts in overseeisng bug tracking, test prioritization, test automation and release



  • 10+ years’ experience in design and development. Expert level coding skills with C/C++/C++17, Go lang, React/React Native/Redux , Javascript, Typescript, NodeJS , Java and Python
  • Experience with VoIP or media streaming technologies such as Audio/Video encoding/decoding/trans-coding, Video/Audio compression, RTP, SRTP, RTSP, RTCP, SIP, SDP, ICE, STUN/TURN, NAT, TLS, WSS etc is preferred.
  • Experience with twilio, twilio video, programmable video and voice, network quality, jitter monitoring and voice insight is a big plus.
  • Experience with browser streaming protocols such as WebRTC, WebSockets, SSE is required.
  • Experience with WebRTC implementations such as Twilio , Kurento, Gstreamer is a plus .
  • Experience building and debugging complex, multi-threaded system software.
  • Deep knowledge and practical experience with building software on TCP and UDP networking APIs on Linux/BSD/MacOS
  • Familiarity with CDN architectures (caches, origin servers, proxies, etc)
  • Experience with audio/video streaming servers, smart clients/players and smart devices is required.
  • Experience with AWS, Google cloud, Kubernetes, Openshift , Containers , Dockers and Microservice is a plus.
  • Working knowledge of media codecs, formats, transports and containers , such as MPEG-2, H.264/AVC, HEVC, AAC, AC3, MP4, TS, PCMU, PCMA, Opus, etc is required.
  • Experience with ABR streaming protocols like Apple HLS, MPEG-DASH , Low latency CMAF, Low latency HLS is a plus.
  • Good to have experience with PSNR, MSE, VMAF, SSIM, VQM, NIQE, MSU Blurring/Blocking, MSAD, MOS.
  • Good to have experience with PSQM, ERL, ERLE, VQmon , POLQA , Jitter Average , Packet lost ratio, Round trip delay, THD , Audio Tuning etc.
  • Experience working on Android/Linux platform and broad bring up is a plus.
  • Exposure to testing video conferencing or streaming solutions is highly desirable
  • Prior experience with Scrum, Agile Methodology
  • Exposure to healthcare/clinical applications, understanding of HIPAA mandates is an added plus
  • Strong teamwork and excellent problem solving and communication skills


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